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Welcome to Alpha Technology

Alpha Technology is a highly innovative company specializing in Scrypt hashing.
Alpha Technology provides you with state of the art mining equipment that is cost-efficient and easy to use.
Our products use durable hardware, engineered and manufactured by the industry's top experts.

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Open & Ethical

Alpha Technology has, during the development of its products, always taken a fair and ethical approach to the pre-ordering process by not taking 100% of the payment, but only 30%. Next to that, we gave our backers complete transparency and frequent development updates. By doing so, our valued customers have always been able to see what we were doing and how our product development was progressing. Early adopters enjoy the benefits of priority shipping in upcoming batches/new product lines. Whilst we continue our transparency and open development, the pre-ordering phase has stopped and for new orders we will only sell available hardware at 100% of its price.

World Class

Alpha Technology is not aiming for mere "good" products, but will only be satisfied when our products reach absolute perfection. Along with our design partners, we will ensure our customers will get the best products available on the market. We are confident that our products will be satisfactory and therefore offer top-notch warranty on each and every Viper that we deliver.

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Interested? Make sure to stay in touch! You can view our News section for the latest development updates, and we have ensured this information is available both on your computer as your mobile device thanks to our responsive website design. On top of that, you can follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter. Look at the bottom of our website for more information.

Our Products

  • Viper 50Mh/s

    With 50 Mh/s speed and less than 375 watts of power consumption, this is the ideal starter device.

  • Viper 250 Mh/s

    With at least 250 Mh/s speed and less than 1875 watts of power consumption, this is our most powerful system.

  • More Batch 1 Orders Opening Soon

    If you are interested in ordering please be advised that orders will open either this week or next, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to be notified exactly when.

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