The Team


Mohammed Mubasher Akram (Managing Director and Operations Manager)

Mohammed-Mubasher-AkramMubasher is the founder of Alpha Technology and is a graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. With his vision, innovative thinking, enthusiasm, and hard work he has led us to this stage and made our project a success.

He has extensive mining experience as his first foray into cryptocurrencies was through mining Bitcoins which then took him to exploring the industry of cryptocurrencies, his excitement for its concept, growth and future inevitably led him to want to directly contribute to the business of cryptocurrencies.

He originally contacted Dexcel Designs with his plans of creating the first Scrypt hashing device. Dexcel Designs who are one of the leading chip design companies in the world were impressed with his professional approach and detailed plan, and decided to take this project on thus a partnership deal was signed with Alpha Technology.

Mubasher is responsible for liaising with Dexcel Designs on a daily basis and providing his technical and cryptocurrency expertise when needed. In addition he oversees the day to day operations of Alpha Technology, making sure everything runs on schedule.

 Fiaz Malik (Customer Support Manager)

Fiaz-MalikFiaz manages our day to day administration and customer service department. He is a graduate in Psychology and has worked in various customer service roles in the past. He has a very customer focused approach and is very active on the forums, responding to emails and answering queries over the phone.

Fiaz is responsible for providing input on how to improve our internal processes in order to enhance the customer experience. He has a very positive attitude to customers and is always proactive in serving them. In addition to his main duties he is also in charge of liaising with press.

Mohammed Jafar Akram (Accounts Manager)

Jafar is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and has over five years’ experience working in general accountancy practice. He has extensive experience in dealing with the taxes and accounts of businesses from a wide range of sectors. Jafar is responsible for ensuring that our finance department is running smoothly and liases with external Accountants, Auditors and Tax Advisers on behalf of Alpha Technology in ensuring that all the financial and tax affairs are complete and up to date.

Muhammad Akram (Business Adviser)

Muhammad is the father of the founder of Alpha Technology. He currently works as a Business Adviser for Alpha Technology. He provides Alpha Technology with business advice if and when required, the wealth of business experience and knowledge he brings is unparalleled and is a major factor in this projects success.

He was a Regional Financial Accountant at the International Firm IMI Plc. during the late 70s all the way through to the mid-80s, when he eventually decided to focus on his accountancy practice full time. During his time at IMI Plc., he earned a high level of respect and prestige from senior management due to his hard work, integrity, technical expertise and innovation. In the early 80s he led a team at IMI Plc. which created a computerised accounting system that was at the time used nationally.

Since 1986, Muhammad has been running his own accountancy practice M Akram & Co, and dealing with the taxes and accounts of local businesses. He is a qualified Financial Accountant and also a Certified Public Accountant.

Liroy Van (IT & Server Specialist)

Liroy Van is the server and IT specialist for Alpha Technology and is responsible for dealing with all issues relating to our servers, website and forum; he also works on improving the customer experience when using them.

Liroy has a wealth of technical expertise and experience in the IT industry. He has in the past worked on an array of projects and has over 10 years of experience in the field; Liroy also runs his own IT company so our tech is in good hands with him.

Danielle Matthews (Graphics Designer)

Danielle works with us part-time as a graphics designer and has built up an impressive body of work for a number of years freelancing her skills.  She works on the design of our website, forum, products etc. and works with our marketing team to make sure our brand is consistently of the highest quality.