Development Update 01/11/2013

A few updates:

1. Completing the design and prototyping of our ASIC chips has been our priority thus far, we will showcase this in an ASIC prototype in the coming weeks. And as development has matured it has helped us to design a more powerful boxed solution rather than our originally planned PCI Cards. More chips can be packed per device and a fully built in solution which will give a lot more ease in connectivity to the miner. You can expect much cheaper cost per kilohash with this solution rather than a card design as well as performance per device being much higher than 5 megahashes or 10 megahashes. Final figures are to be announced soon.

2. New website will be live in the next 24-48 hours where you can sign up to the newsletter to get updates on our development.

3. Our partners have mentioned our partnership in an article by a major Indian newspaper 'The Hindu', viewed by millions daily. We will post up a link when it's out.