Development Update 13/05/2014

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Greetings Miners!

Nearing the End:

First of all, we do appreciate it has been a while since we updated you so thank you for your patience. We are happy to tell you production is going as hoped and reiterate our commitment to making up for any external factors that may affect the profitability of batch 1 devices with our free cloud hashing for batch 1 customers. Whilst the chips are being taped-out we want to assure you we are working diligently to make certain all other aspects of development are ready for the final stage of production.

16 Mh/s Increasing:

We have great news for 16 Mh/s customers; your devices will end up being 18 Mh/s when they ship to you! Our initial 16 Mh/s was a very conservative figure and we didn’t want to advertise higher until we could guarantee it.


1)      LCD board Bring-up completed.

2)      FAN Controller driver fully integrated with Linux kernel. PWM support implemented onto board. During System test it will be decided whether keeping this will help or not as it’s expected the system will be working at full speed all times.

3)      SOM & Carrier board fully functional. All the functionalities have been tested thoroughly and found working.

4)      ATX power distribution board design is completed and has been sent for fabrication.

5)      ASIC board schematics partially completed.


6)      Enclosure design has undergone minor corrections to favor the upgradeability of the 18Mh/s device. As such we intend to put two SMPS of similar power (450 w) for the 90 Mh/s system and one SMPS for the 18 Mh/s system. Users of the 18 Mh/s will be able to upgrade their systems by adding additional SMPS and cards by themselves; hence they can pay to increase to 90 Mh/s if they would like to down the road (this option will be available sometime after launch). A Do it Yourself ( DIY) guide will be released post shipment.


7)   All the software drivers for the SOM and carrier board including wireless support has been completed.

8)   CGMiner RS485 driver development completed.

9)   Web interface front end development completed.

10)   Back end integration with CGMiner partially completed.

11)   WebGUI has been successfully tested on multiple environments (PC/MAC, Android/IOS)


12)   Production planning has been initiated including building automated test systems for faster testing of assembled units.


Here are images of the WebGUI from different platforms which we have designed to be an easy and intuitive interface that will allow you to control your device remotely:

















Add Pool







Change Password














Manage Pool














System Settings






Wired Settings








System Settings






Wired & Wireless Settings






Wireless Encryption Type






Wireless Security Type