Development Update 13/10/2013

We have been working hard with our design partners and have some great announcements to make. First of all we apologise for using the term "GPGPU" as our original plan was to use multiple graphics processing chips. In fact we have gone one step forward, after completing our pre-ASIC implementation of our FPGA design and handing it over to our ASIC manufacturer, we have reached excellent prototyping speeds to take this further. Each ASIC chip would perform at a MINIMUM of 500 kh/s, at around ~20 watts. With multiple chips on a PCI-E card we can reach 5,000 kh/s (200 watts) - 10,000 kh/s (400 watts) or HIGHER. The price you pay for each device will be in ratio lower per kilohash than say an AMD 7950.

There are a few things to do before we start taking pre-orders and marketing. First of all is the design of how many chips we will put on each PCI-E board, it would more practical to quickly assemble GPU sized PCI-E devices instead of larger devices. As it would result in higher postage costs and time to assemble would be longer if we manufactured more chip dense devices. We would rather the customer receive their devices as soon as possible after fabrication is completed.

Secondly, is the release of the names of our well known and trusted design partner and ASIC manufacturers. They will also release a few news articles from their end and their media sources. And then our own marketing campaign. Our partners have a large assembly line already which has been part of huge projects in the past, so we will be distributing and assembling direct from their location, so you can expect our assembling and shipping time to be much quicker than you may have seen with other ASIC devices.

We will NOT be taking any money from anybody until our well known partners have released news articles regarding our partnership and achievements. At that point it would mean we are ready to start taking in pre-orders to complete the manufacturing process. We also would like to fully complete our final ASIC assembly design, and for the ASIC manufacturer to complete it's final touches on the chip design.

We are nearing completion to start taking pre-orders, but we thought it would be good for the community to get some specific information and updates before everything kicks off from the media. We also want to thank all of the people who followed our progress and believed in us. The days of GPU mining for scrypt are soon to come to an end.

NOTE. We will be releasing a video of our FPGA (ASIC) prototype soon and some details of core hashing speed etc. Just for those people requiring more details. There is more work to be done, and speed/wattage is not final, but it will be around them figures we quoted. We also hope to put everyone's suspicions to an end in the build up to our official launch and pre-order date.