Development Update 23/12/2013


Today is the release of our full pricing, shipping, terms and all the helpful information you would need to secure a pre-order, this can all be found in the 'Terms of Order' page. We will be taking a 30% deposit payment, and remainder 70% to be paid 8-10 weeks before shipment. Minimum chip specifications have been confirmed from our ASIC manufacturer using Global Foundries as our foundry. In regards to our devices, we have confirmed a lower power consumption than quoted previously and also a guarantee of minimum hash rate. this can all be found in the individual Product pages. Please read the Terms of Order page, and individual Products pages carefully.

To summarise some other things:

Viper-5mh/s which can hash at minimum 5 MH/s: £1350. Deposit- £405.

Viper-25mh/s which can hash at minimum 25 MH/s: £5450. Deposit- £1635.

All prices are the same worldwide. And exclude shipping which will be added according to location on final payment.

ASIC Chip Specs

Process: 28nm/40nm HPP, 3.3v/1.8v

Internal Memory: >=128Mb SRAM

Gates: ~28M Gates

Clock Speed: > 600 Mhz Core Clock

Hashing Cores: >= 128

Chip Hash rate: > 350 Kh/s

Power Consumption: < 5w

Registration and Wishlist

Registration will be open on the 25th or 26th of December. We urge all customers to be prepared by providing shipping and billing information in the My Account section. Also showing interest by adding their desired products to the Wishlist, with stated quantity.

You can register here on the specified day:

New Office

We have moved to a bigger office in Manchester. Some more interior work is still to be done, but here is an image from the outside.  Details of our office can be found in the About Us page.


Launch and Next Updates

We expect to officially launch in a weeks time.  We will be first rolling out some images of our devices and various other product updates.