Developmental Update 06/10/2014

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Greetings Miners!

The assembly of the Viper dies from ASE in Taiwan is progressing very well. In fact, it is several days ahead of the planned schedule. The wafers are currently being processed into packaged devices on a fast track turn-around. The first image shows a wafer after the dies have been separated (sawn) and the other image shows a die after it has been attached to the custom HSBGA substrate and subsequently wire bonded.




The present status is that all parts are at the epoxy over-mould stage which includes fixing the heat slug as a preliminary step. After this, the remaining steps are ball attach, plating, laser marking, device singulation and final visual inspection. The committed ship-out date for the Viper chips has been brought forward to 9th October. Once the chips are delivered a video demonstration will follow and shipment will commence.  On a side note we would like to apologise again for the slow response from our payments team, we are still extremely busy but we are working our hardest to deal with your requests as fast as possible.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram