Developmental Update 08/02/2015

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 Greetings Miners!

We appreciate your patience during this critical time for us; we assure you we will do our utmost to reward it once batch 1 is behind us. We encountered a few issues with finalizing development but during board bring up we managed to come up with 2 solutions, one that does not require any DC regulators and one that does. Our system design process is currently going through some tweaking so we can identify the best solution. Our goal at this point is to deliver a miner that operates as effectively as possible, optimizing its hash rate and power usage, with a quality system to boot. We could have taken the easy way out and shipped sooner like other companies but we didn’t want potentiality faulty and underperforming hardware that lacked durability.

We have noticed there aren’t really any other miners on the market as it appears companies have failed with either tape-out or funding. We are at least happy that we have had no such issues ourselves as we have spent time correcting all errors, deficiencies and potential shortcomings through all the stages of development whether it be chip testing or system tests. In short at this time our goal is to provide a quality product; not a rushed one. But that does not mean we aren’t working as fast as possible and focusing all our efforts on getting batch 1 shipped ASAP. Again, we intend to apologise for the wait by not only surprising you with the product but really removing all doubts with our future plans. The wait is thankfully almost over and we hope to start delivering soon, we already have our materials and parts ready it is just a matter of further prototyping and tweaking our design so our product is fully optimized and durable once you receive it; you will be emailed as soon as we get a shipping date.

Here are some images with the boards inside the 50Mh/s system:






















Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram