Developmental Update 14/09/2015

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Greetings Miners!

We sincerely apologise for getting this update out to you after such a long time. As we have been at a stage where we have just been awaiting system design changes and tweaks there has not been much to update on; as these have been more technical than physical so we do not have much to show.

We had originally planned to have our devices already shipped, as said in our previous update we have all our chips ready; the only delay was getting the system design so we are manufacturing and assembly ready. We had sent our system design for review before manufacturing to a UK based company who are experts in system design, they had found flaws in the system design which was made by the Indian design team. We were told if we were to take our design for manufacturing there would be serious issues. Therefore, we have contracted this UK based company to commit to making these on both the 50Mh/s and 250Mh/s systems.

The technical recommendations and changes are summarised below:


  • Design analysis shows that the issues found can be solved by bill of material (BOM) and hardware changes. The proposed solutions need to be tested on a prototype to verify that the proposed solution is effective.
  • DFM review shows that an update to the PCB is needed before going into mass production.
  • System analysis shows that the Enpirion power supply can be used as an alternative power supply solution to the Texas Instrument power supply without compromising cost and performance. Recommendations for future expansion are also considered.
  • Recommended that the USB port at the back of the data miner system be reallocated as a USB to serial interface. Having a freely accessible serial interface would be useful in scenarios requiring emergency recovery due to an invalid network setting rendering the system inaccessible via Ethernet. One such solution would be to use an appropriate FTDI USB to serial transceiver.


Towards the end of July these changes were sent to our Indian design team so they could implement them and send prototypes back to the UK based team. The Indian design team is days away from completion, once these changes are made we will start manufacturing and shipping in phases; the 50Mh/s devices first and then the larger devices.

We truly apologise for the delays and are doing the best we can to ship ASAP. We have been with our original designers from the start and it is difficult to change contractors if they have first hand knowledge of our chip and system design, this knowledge dates back since 2013 with our FPGA design. But now when we have hit the stage of the project where we have had the chance to slowly hand-over our designs to a UK based company we are seeing positive signs and progression.

When developing a new technology from a white-paper and concept, there are bound to be delays which we cannot anticipate, unfortunately we were hit by these delays. As this was a pre-order project we did make customers aware most of the work was yet to be completed. I also believe there are currently no other scrypt-based miners being shipped from any competitors, so when we do ship I believe customers would be delighted to finally have our product in-hand. Finally there is something very important to me that I want to make mention of, my intention is to try to compensate all batch 1 customers (including those refunded) in the future with our further projects.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram

Managing Director