Developmental Update 23/08/2017

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Greetings Miners!

Developmental Update

After much work and anticipation, we are delighted to present our production unit in action! This  production unit  showcases our viper board and the smaller unit's performance. As you can tell we have made some considerable changes for the benefit of our backers.

Viper Final Unit Video

We will start shipping by rolling out our 50mh/s units first, the first 150 backers of the 50mh/s units will be emailed to confirming their shipping addresses. From there we will release the  250 mh/s unit in stages. Before we are ready to release our larger unit, we will display a video of it hashing away!

We plan on providing our customers with a more powerful unit than we previously advertised, when you receive your product you will notice these performance/wattage improvements. This is a good time to turn things around and finally start shipping with the recent resurgence of Litecoin!

We know there have been a lot of promises and technical mumbo jumbo thrown at our customers, without any final product to show for it. We have had a bumpy road as explained in previous updates, and now at this stage it's time to talk less, and show more.

Best Regards,

Alpha Technology Team