A Message To Customers!

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After much deliberation we believe we have come up with the perfect solution to increasing the value of our batch 1 orders, albeit an obvious solution, but the best one nonetheless. As stated previously we do not want to affect the development of the Vipers any more than we have and are certain it is best not to make any further changes to their production. There have been many websites popping up recently with lofty promises and no proof of their legitimacy or development and we do not think it’s a good idea to alter manufacturing based these possibilities as we are focused on getting our Vipers shipped to our customers as soon as possible. With that said and regardless of their legitimacy we understand competition is inevitable and by the time our devices have released the market will be different than what we all hoped it would be when we first started. Granted, we are still fully confident the Vipers will make ROI but we also want to make sure our batch 1 customers are getting the best value for their money and here is our plan for this:

First off, we are in the early stages of developing a cloud mining service, this will allow customers to pay for hosted mining power, the pros and cons of this will depend on your personal preferences of course so we will continue producing batches of miners for those who prefer to maintain their own devices. Now on to the good news, all batch 1 customers will get free hashing power from our cloud; we do not yet have a date as to when we expect it to be operational so for now we are simply saying as soon as possible, however not until after the Vipers have shipped. Exact hash rates will depend on the state of the market and network at the time so we will make sure we scale accordingly, but rest assured we are promising a substantial amount for both 16 Mh/s and 90 Mh/s customers. As you can imagine we want the service up and running as soon as possible and as a result of this when it is first brought online there be limited availability so we will start off with just batch 1 customers being able to use it and open it up to the public shortly afterwards.

Secondly in addition to free shipping and being able to order first in batch 2 we are pleased to announce we are giving you 10% off any future batch of your choice. Thank you for your continued support and rest assured we are committed to bringing the best value possible for our customers. We will keep you posted on further developments so stay tuned!