Pre Order Update 2.0 14/04/2014

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Greetings Miners!

We are now at the stage where we will be accepting the remainder 70% of the deposit from our customer's. From the general consensus , we will be offering you a 3-10x performance increase from our original 5m/h and 25/h. This will of course, come at a cost where we cannot promise a fixed shipping date at all, due to the inherit technological complexities and inherit risks with semiconductor chip development.

Therefore, we will be updating our terms and condition's for the remainder payment that can be seen here: Terms Page.

Once you have sent the remainder payment (after we release our new invoice's in May), this means you have accepted the new terms and pricing.

We understand customer's who have already paid the 30% deposit agreed to a different set of terms, therefore we are offering a full-refund of the 30% deposit you have paid, as long as you have not paid the remainder as per new condition's agreed.

As per our original terms and condition's and for the terms and condition's for the new invoice and payment requirement,  you are required to keep up to date with our development and any updates via the news section of our website, where this will be posted.  The new invoice's will also contain the updated hash-rate's, suggesting a new product and terms and condition's.