Update 22/12/2014

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Developmental & Shipping Update


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1. Above are the images for CGMiner integration wherein you can see hashing for a single board. Out of the 11 chips on this board some are fully working with the rest only partially working. That is because the chips in the above board are pre-memory repair and pre-testing. There will be 15 such boards in the 250Mh/s system. In the final system ALL the chips will be fully tested and repaired so they work at 100% (with the capability of being overclocked).

2. ASIC is undergoing MBIST (memory) repair.

3. Testing has been concluded and with it we have fixed many bugs, we are now waiting for the final version of the PCB to arrive which we will be doing the final prototyping test with and begin mass assembly.

We apologise for the unexpected delays, we must say these were purely incidents out of our control. It has taken longer than expected for our design team/aggregators to complete its test solution. The test solution is used on all of our production wafers to test which chips are working and which are not; and using memory repair on the ones that are not. We have now managed to complete the test solution so the wafers that we have had waiting, we can instantly test, and forward for assembly into our systems. We do not want to guarantee a date at this time but it won’t be much longer as we have overcome the main complications that caused our delay and will carry on updating you as we progress through manufacturing.

Change In Registered Office Address

As of Monday 22nd December 2014, our registered company office and postal address has been moved to:
Alpha Technology (INT) LTD
Manchester Business Park
3000 Aviator Way
M22 5TG

At our previous address post will be forwarded up until 25th December 2014, so we do not miss anything which may currently be in transit. After this date however all post will be returned to the sender.

We would also like to remind you that Alpha Technology (Int) Ltd is a 'virtual' business and has been from the start, whereby our staff are not located at any fixed location as work is being carried out with respect to our project all over the world including the UK, Denmark, Netherlands and India. The admin staff at Alpha Technology (Int) Ltd itself dealing with customer service also have no fixed location and all work is conducted internationally around the clock.

We would also like to add the ONLY way to contact us is via our emailing service, any queries or questions should be sent to [email protected] and if they relate to your order [email protected]

Despite all the complications we still wanted to take this time to reassure you development is finalizing and the wait shouldn’t be much longer. We also cannot wait to reveal our future plans next year (that will not involve pre-ordering) but for now we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram