Viper Chip

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 Greetings Miners!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us throughout this journey. We know there has been some speculation about us and our project and we are now glad to finally put that to rest, and show you proof of our fabricated and packaged Viper chips that are now in hand.

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This is a major milestone and hurdle we have overcome in terms of risk, time and money. Now that we have working chips all we need to do is assemble these and ship; we are of course currently assembling the devices and shipping will follow once this is complete. All fully paid orders should be 'processing' and will change to 'completed' once the order has shipped. We will also be quickly releasing a video demonstrating our chips hashing as an update to the community.

Where many new ASIC companies have failed to tape-out and produce working chips we have succeeded. While we are regrettably late in our shipping schedule please note our hash rates are still 10 times originally promised and with our profit sharing scheme not to mention the batch 1 loyalty bonuses we believe we have done our best to make up for this. Generally speaking most if not all ASIC manufacturers have never delivered on time and with batch 1 soon behind we have every intention of taking what we have learned and overcoming this in our next generation product.

Best Regards,

Mohammed Akram