Viper Update 19/01/2014

Greetings Miners!

Progress by our engineering partners has been picking up fast and a quick update for the week's end is as follows:

Engineering Update

-       ASIC design has been more optimized and frozen.

-       ASIC Synthesis & Physical design is going on. Tape out target end of march.

-       Provision for MBIST and boundary scan for DFT has been done.

-       Architecture of Mining Board design has been finalized and design has been started.

-       Sitara ARM AM335x Processor from TI for Host Board has been finalized and design has been initiated.

-       Provision of power consumption & temperature on the LCD display has been incorporated.

-       Eliminated switch from the enclosure. All the input and set up will be done through web pages just like a router.


Mechanical Update

-       Enclosure material will be of Aluminium.

-       Universal power supply has been identified for 5mh design.

-       5Mh box will be 1u but much smaller in size ( easy for transportation, likely half of 19” rack).

-       Power figures as of now are looking good

o    5Mh<=70 watts

o    25Mh<=300 watts